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No fans, no air, beautiful silent, but the death is as close as sunset.

Today (may 2003) we have got the first MAX 4000 with all 4 fans dead. This MAX unit was from production week 09 of 1998. So it was from a younger production but it was not watched very good. We found out, that the upper power supply was faulty and the mainboard did no more work, no output at the serial port. Ethernet did no more work too. It was a 100% loss.

These two capacitors from the MAX 4000 mainboard are extremely blown at the top because overheating and the high internal pressure. This is planned, to avoid explosions.

If you have a MAX 4000, you should check the fans month for month.

  • If the fans make noise, - be happy.
  • If the fans make much more noise like an old aircraft or an old russian tank, - take care.
  • If the fans make no more noise - you are in big trouble and painful danger.

Hurry up, you are in trouble now.

Now you should run fastly to get a replacement unit. You are very short in time, because the MAX 4000 has a serious overheating problem. I will give you an example below.

An open MAX 4000 on our labs desk will consume 20 Watts without any fan ( both power supplies running, - taken from a 230 Volts source here in Germany ). Keep in mind, it is open.


If all the fans are running fine ( now as a closed Box ), it raises up to 30 to 32 Watts.

Our MAX is running like a beetle.

If you plug in 4 digital modem boards 16 x S56, it will consume 130 to 135 Watts. On our other pages I told you, our MAX is running from Dec 1996 day and night in an European environment, having one 12 x S56 Modem board since end of 1999. This MAX takes about 59 Watts day and night. Our temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius. In mid of summer it raises up to over 35 degrees Celsius. We did check that and we will check, what is the limit, not starting the air conditioning system.



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