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You could buy a Dual AC Box as a

power fail proof MAX 4000

we call this a students work


better look here for a MAX 6000 Dual AC

In an old pricelist of the MAX 4000 family from 1998 we found an enhanced MAX4000 with a pricing of Dollars plus 9000.- Dollar extra, named a redundant AC power supply.


However, we have seen "true redundant power supplies" in PC´s, in the Cisco routers 7000 and 7507 and in Cisco, Bay Networks and HP Switches.


But notice: true double power supplies. This 2AC one is not a true redundant one.

Now after years, we bougth such a used MAX4000 2AC, to have a look in its 9000.- dollar secret.


As you see, there are two military grade flat-pacs with finest available quality, arounded from a hobby design from a trainee.


We have been very disappointed. The two power modules are first class quality,


the rest is "oooooops".


So it is good, that the two 200W power supplies are much stronger.

The box contains two professional flat pac units, but 5V and 12 Volt only, very expensive ones but with one (1) AC connector only. ???


This is (was) a very weak solution.


Inside the box there is a lot of electronics to make -12 Volts and -5 Volts and with huge coolers in an area, where no fans blow through.

Here is sample from a 1994 built Bay Networks (Centillion 100) product with true dual power supplies. Its the same manufacturer brand as the small Ascend MAX4000 ones !!


Be suprised. It shurely was possible in 1994 !!!

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