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The MAX 4000 trouble shooting page:

To give you an impression about our skills :

Here you see, that the lonely fan on the left side blows beside the power supplies !!!


No air is pressed through the allmost totally

covered and heated electronic circutry.

And here you see the results :

You see three copper wire coils looking like new coils,

- but the coil in the lower middle is slightly burned, the result of one modem card, anyhow, this one (#1) is working all the time.

This power supply (#2) is broken, the coil is heavyly burned. The result of 2 Modem cards.


The glue between the coil and the capacitors speeds up the exploding the capacitors and blocks the the rest of the minimum airflow.

This one (#3) had 4 modem cards in it and is totally burned,

working about half a year in a cold basement

The last one (#4) is end of life after 4 weeks with 6 modem cards. The coil is completely burned off, two capacitors are blown up and the copper wire from the cloil is broken. This system must have been very hot over a long period.


So this is a typical factory design fault. It is selfmade by Ascend.

And these modem boards are the problems. They consume too much power, esspecially the new 16 digital V.90 modems.

The more you have, the faster the MAX dies.

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