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Ascend MAX 4000 power supply - Help

If you have trouble with your MAX 4000 (no lamp on) and you allready know how to open the tricky case, you may check the secondary voltage of both power supplies. If you dont know, how to open the case without disturbing the MAX or/and loading a brand new TAOS, for a few dollars we have created very impressive help-pages with a lot of pictures to help you.


But take care, if you have no skills for very high voltage, you should never open a box with "switched power supplies". The voltage can be higher than (ten thousand) volts. This is absolutely killing you.

The upper unit in a MAX 4000 is a multivoltage unit and has 4 secondary DC voltages. The +12V DC wit 4A has nearly the same copper coils than the -12V. But 4A is not very much and the componets are very tight together. No airflow was planned ???

The lower unit is a singlevoltage unit and has 5V only, but with 20A some more power.


This is the newer! model, we found some older models having 10A only. We have been suprised. It seems to be to small, shurely.

If you need them fixed, look here into our maxrepair web.

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