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The MAX 6000 with Dual AC.

Now in 2004, when the Ascend MAX products are fully cancelled by Lucent, more and more niche and corner products arrive on the market.


This product was able to fight against the smaller Ciscos with redundant power. May be it is an engeneering sample or a prototype.

The front look is like a MAX 4000 dual AC, but comparing the depth you see, the MAX 6000 is much longer.


You see, it is a real MAX 6000.

It has the 100 Mbit NIC on board and the well known PCMCIA slot for extended Memory and flash cards.

At the end, there are two chassis monted together and internally wired as one box. Both power supplies taken from the standard MAX 6000 are located in the uper case and well cooled. Now there are 10 fans alltogether, taking 110 Watts for the fans.


And as you see, now they have two AC plugs on the back side to be fully redundant.

The 5Volt cables are solid and carefully wired with the thick red and black wires down to the mainboard.


Compared by the Dual AC trainee version of the MAX 4000, this seems to be a professional product.


But now, its too late.

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