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The MAX 6000 power supply

The MAX 6000 now has 8 fans and is more heavy and more noisy.

The big single power supply from the MAX 6000 is a lot better than the two ones from the MAX 4000.


As we know, there are at least 2 different production versions of power suplies.


One has some DC to DC block modules (the lower picture), the newer one is built from discrete components.


But please dont ask us, which one is better. We dont know this.


The power supply is cooled by two fans on both ends. The architects did learn from the weakness of the

MAX4000. At the end, there are 8 fans for the airflow !!!!! Thats load but sufficient.

However, the postings in the newsgroups did tell us, that there have been a few problems with too many 16 port modem boards too. We will check that.

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