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Mai 2004

Please never expect from a parcel service, UPS, Fedex or German Post to handle a box carefully as your own property. Better you expect that they are extreemly stupid and they never take care of how many attention stickers "big and red" are on a box. They will handle your items like second world war equipment and this are the results :

We cannot fix a broken mainboard like this one from a MAX 6000 and the otherMAXen did look like new ones. Pls look here what we did suggest for shipping.

and now 5 more

April / Mai 2004 - 30 Years RDE - isnt it a reason to be praud about this ?

In the current situation in 2004 it shows a very good quality of service that our company is still alive and grows well. We are praud to celebrate our 30 Year anniversary at May 3rd.

Aug 2003

We had to delete all easy to use E-Mail adresses within all our webs, they are missused to spam us. And last weekend we had 280 spam mails. That becomes crazy and we can no more afford this. You will see our new unknown adresses (little graphics) as gifs, you need to type into your mail client by hand. We did find no other way.


Sorry for that inconvenience, currently the boat is sinking every morning.


Please allways fill the subject line of your e-amail, otherwise our spam - filter will kill the incomming e-mail without notice.

Aug 2003 - Now we collect tips and tricks from all over the world,

whatever makes sense to be published. We got the first tip for a MAX 6000.

July 2003

We did buy a MAX 6000 with 4 units with 24 digital DSP type 3 modem cards.


These type III S56/V90 DSP modem boards are the latest products and the almost last development for the MAXen. There are different models for the MAX 3000 and MAX 6000, which are not interchangable from one model to the other.

By accident we got a MAXPOTS card from Lucent for the MAX 4000 and MAX 6000 and some DSP 16 cards for VOIP. We are just checking for the other models, what is supported with what TAOS and whats not.


As you see, it is built in Jan 2001.

June 2003 - suggestion for T1 support

It seems that currently we are the only E1 and E3 experts in Europe. We are not so familiar with the different T1 carriers in the US and Canada. From our partners in the US, there was a positive suggestion for from Florida, making good service for the US market. You should ask for Anton under 850 222 4638

June 2003 - spares for MAX 6000

Now we have some more MAX 6000 power supplies in stock. MAXen are reliable, but if the power breaks, you need a spare. To get the MAX 6000 power out, you need some more skill and to decide, whether is has crashed, is long experience. Better is to ship the MAX 6000 to us, we will let it run with 80% power consumption under permanent power monitor control. That means, a 250 MHz scope is watching the DC outputs for spikes or surges and the overall power is monitored.

May 2003

Same MAXen 4000 series grow old and are overheated for a long time period. And nobody did realize this, but the MAXen did work fine. Fans are breaking (stopping) more and more and therefore we did add some knowledge pages about what to take care and how to proceed. m4kknowledge2

Feb-Mar. 2003

Some more informations round about the MAX 1800 and 2000, about the fans and the chassis, and some new pages fromt the TNT shelf controller.

Jan. 2003

Please allways fill the subject line of your e-amail, otherwise our spam-filter will kill it without notice.

End of Dec. 2002

For all specialists worldwide, who "did try" to convert a MAX 4000 from T1 to E1. Here are some pictures, why you should not start. We did try it for you and it did not work.

Dec. 2002

We could buy a bulk of over sixty MAX4000-E1 routers very rarely used, internally like new, not burned, not damaged, in original shipment boxes. Currently we are opening and checking each of these and make them ready for shipment.

Sept 2002

Now we have added a "Why"-page.

You will find some current arguments why not to throw away all old equipment onto the garbage.

Oct. 2002

DC voltages on the MAX 4000 power supplies added for easy comparison. Before opening a MAX, you should get our support. We did create comfortable instruction pages in our protected area, to support you and to avoid having more problems as before and to avoid any not nessecary shipment.

Sept 19. 2002 - The Max Web is split -

Sept 19. 2002 - The Max Web is split -

now we run and

Sept 2002 - Our Site navigation is restructured.

Now, many pages are found under about maxrepair. There is a new hints-page. If you find some links no more working, please give me an e-mail

Aug 2002

We got a lot of allmost brand new MAX4000´s. The serials are over 84.000. That means there are more than 80.000 units in the world. There are no sales numbers from Lucent. The MAX 1800/2000/4000 are EOS (end of sales) but there is no reason to mark them as EOL (end of life).

Aug 2002

We know how to convert the big MAXes from T1 to E1 and may be reverse.

But sorry, it did work on one lonely wan channel in one unit only, the others didnt work. We cannot do this job economycly, so this offer is cancelled.

July 2002

Now we get more and more international requests. We will add an international handling page and a page with the pricing.

May 2002

We did buy a lot of MAX Hardware to be able to exchange parts faster.

Some more help and pictures added to this web

Jan - 2002 - this Web established

Background :

Since Lucent Technologies bought Ascend (the most experienced Router Company beside Cisco) in 98/99, the products and the service and the image was driven down to nearly zero. When the Lucent Inc. in US did run out of cash, as we got told, they closed the well known Ascend "European Technical Support Center" in France. As we know, all technicians are "away" now.


To repair an Ascend/Lucent Product means, to spend a lot of time, to find out an experienced employe anywhere in the world, to get help from.


I heard, that there should be a outsourced service somewhere in Ireland or south of France. But prior an action, you need to sign an expensive service contract, not having experienced and skilled people on the phone. The rumors say, its hopeless to deal with them. So we didnt try it.


Because we own and run a lot more than a handful Ascend routers, we know about the strenght and the weakness of these products. At least two of our MAX 4000 routers are running since early 1997 day and night without any problem. We are very happy with them and we did buy and we are buying more and more all types of Ascend MAXes.

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