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The pricing is affordable and this piece of software saves a lot of time.

The MAX TNT as well as the APX 8000 is command line driven like Cisco. This was a great disadvantage compared by the well known MAX 4000 ( all MAX 1800 up to the MAX 6000).

The smaller MAXen have real time screens, even the Pipelines, the best we had ever seen on professional routers.


Now, Sharktech did develop a software to make configuration much easier with a graphical interface. It works from one to hundreds of MAX TNTs.


The startup license for one single MAX TNT serial number is US $ 1299.-


For EU customers it is much cheaper, you pay in Euros and we convert daily in dollars with the best fit course of payment. In Europe we have a new simple payment regulation with a Single European Payment Area inside the EU. (Notice, inside the EU we have to add German VAT if you cannot supply an EU VAT ID.)


Every next TNT serial number will cost you US $ 499.-. But better let us talk about that, we are very flexible and Sharktech too.


If you are located in North- and South- Amerika, you should contact Sharktech directly. If you are located in the EMEA regions (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and you like our support from Germany, you should contact us.


And dont worry, pricing is equal, no addons.


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