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Jan. 2003

Please allways fill in the subject line of your e-mail, otherwise our spam-filter will kill blanc subjects without notice.





Jan 2003

Jan 2003 to give you an idea, how many Ascend documentation directories with thousands of files are stored today and it grows and grows and grows.






overview over the size and mass:




ascend documents area:


4.789 files / 746 dirs / 1.3gig




ascend-ftp file area :


11.154 files / 845 dirs / 6.7gig


Dec. 2002

Many MAX4000 routers are sleeping in strange stockrooms and waiting to be used. We got over sixty E1 MAXen in the last month in allmost new condition.


So if any of you needs one for redundancy ore spare, we can help with MAX 1800/2000/4000/6000 and modem cards. If you are from Europe and you like to have one for a short period only, you may look to (But this web is fully German.)

Dec 2002

Dec 2002 - we did install two World Clocks, to support requests from all over the world in time and to set prioryties.

Sept 2002

Sept 2002 We have added

a "Why" page.

Nov. 2002

Nov. 2002 We have been told, that Lucent did make available old docs for MAX 1800 and 2000 and more. The link is on our links page.

Oct. 1. 2002

Oct. 1. 2002 Getting more and more requests from all over the world. And now we need the help from you. For example we have no documemntation about the MX-SL-2 PMHP modules.

Sept. 20. 2002

Sept. 20. 2002 We are starting to add a "Search and Download" PDF section within this web. Links will be on the products pages.

Currently we are strongly looking for

the old Ascend crew

here in Germany, France and worldwide, to collect and save that know-how and to use their skills for future business.

Please give us a mail :


Sept. 18. 2002 - this Web established

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