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2003 News in the Ascend-MAX-Router Web

Dec. 2003

pallets did arrive in Wiesbaden / Germany

All items did arrive well, more than a ton of equipment on five pallets. This was one of our biggest shipments up to now.


We did expand our product line to high tech DLT tape libraries from Compaq, Quantum and HP. The experience with three years old units is really impressive. There is a German web fully German explaining all features of DLT and its use here : (but its fully German).

Nov. 2003

Currently payment problems are exploding. All our customers worldwide must read our payment suggestions here :

We did move these pages to our central web, to have one common place for all customers. Please read carefully, how to address wire transfer. If not, we both will be charged tremendous fees from our banks. 30 dollars for a 100 dollar payment is too much. We cannot accept this any longer. This happens when your accounting officer does not take care about our SWIFT and IBAN codes. Please avoid the manual wire transfer.

Nov. 2003

A view in our new US warehouse at UTI Airfreight in SFO.

As written earlier in the news, we are setting up a stock of Ascend and other high tech spareparts and routers for the EMEA (European and Middle East and African) market. Here you have a view into our new US ware- house in San Francisco close to the airport, collecting all our goods from the North American market on one place. We are shipping per month to Frankfurt / Germany. So we are able to help even in urgent situations.

But to ship something back to the US, no, this makes sense in very few cases only. Furthermore we are not engaged in T1 and T3 environments. Please ask for US experts, we have a couple on file.

Nov. 2003

More than 300 spam mails over the weekend - crazy.

Aug 2003

We had to delete all easy to use E-Mail adresses within all our webs, they are missused to spam us. And last weekend we had 280 spam mails. That becomes crazy and we can no more afford this. You will see our new unknown adresses (little graphics) as gifs, you need to type into your mail client by hand. We did find no other way.


Sorry for that inconvenience, currently the boat is sinking every morning.


Please allways fill the subject line of your e-amail, otherwise our spam - filter will kill the incomming e-mail without notice.

June 2003

Taking one of the very hot June 2003 nights, it was time to make a compilation (a short form description) of all known Ascend MAX products on one page here in the web.

Now the almost last MAX is end of sales. Consuming some six hours work and stress, we did prepare and add the year 2000 pricelists for Europe and International. Now you have an overview, how big the Ascend product portfolio was and how complex all the country specific versions, changes and options have been. We did cut a lot of text from these lists, not to confuse you all with miles of printouts. If you search for some spares or numbers or if you own a MAX, have a look at these lists. If you are going to bid something in ebay like we did and do, look at our ebay warning page - with its "no risc no fun" headline.

June 2003

By accident we got an almost brand new MAX router, a Lucent MAX 3000 with 6 BRI-S WAN ports.


Having a look inside, yes is a very good top-product - but too late on the market.


We didnt know about this 6 x ISDN version up to these days, because the 3000 is not very well sold in Germany. We did make some pictures and did complete the MAX 3000 infos.


And we got to fix a MAX 6000 with two of its very last new 60channel DSP Modem Cards, having 120 universal modems on 2 cards. The modem cards for the MAX 3000 range from 16 over 24 to 30 per board. You will find all additional products in a huge list here.

June 2003

The second TAOS versions page contains the last published list of filenames of all TAOS versions dated up to Feb 1999.



April 2003

Some more infos about the Multiband Plus and the MAX 201 added. Better dont touch these both units. Both are really strange to us and not worth to be switched on again.

As we know, these units are no original Ascend developments, they are left from some megers in early 1996.

April 2003

Our US warehouse in Sacramento shows two big boxes well packed and filled with many fine units ready for shipment to Germany. This time we will get 4 Ascend MAX 6000 and a lot of Cisco modules, some Centillions and other nice Fore / Marconi switches.


On the right picture you see our RDE space / corner for consolidated shiments from our current warehouse in Sacramento in California

Jan 2003

After collecting all US items in the garage of our handling agent (remember Bill Gates and Apple, both did start in a garage), it was time to change that. We did take the chance to collect all items at our Danzas Airfreight warehouse in Sacramento close to the airport.

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