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The internet "hype" from 2001 is over, what a luck.

January 2005 - Almost all Ascend products are out of sales from Lucent. The support for the last MAX, the big brother MAX TNT was stoped too.


So its time, to compare the former retail prices with the current market prices.

Now the almost last MAX is "End Of Sales" and we think, you should have a view about the complex list of products and add-ons and the very high prices during the toptime of sales.


This are the old retail prices for almost all Ascend (later Lucent) products. We got these lists from the public marketing and there are all current "mid of year 2000 items" listed.


On these lists you will not find the older items, which are retired in 2000 or earlier.

We did collect the old retail prices from 2000, when the market was breaking down and most of the high tech companies did run into big trouble. As Nortel, Lucent, Marconi, Fore and Alcatel, other well doing companies did publish warnings about the shareholder value.

So reading or searching these lists with its exorbitant high prices keep in mind, it was 2000 on top of the internet hyphe.


We at RDE are reminding all the time (even in June 2003), what we did pay for our first MAX 4000. ( We did pay Deutsche Mark 34.000.- plus vat and that was the discounted 30% price for resellers and providers.)

The price lists are very long

Please notice, these lists are really long and big, some are more than 190 kilobyte as pure html tables, no pictures, no extra fonts, no colours, made as simple as possible.

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