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This page is for MAX 4000 unsers

As pointed out on the MAX 4000 pages, you should not plugin to many modem boards into a MAX 4000. However, this is not true for the 1800 and the 2000 / 3000 / 6000.

There was an important change from Rockwell, to have a completely new instruction set for the new S56 chipset. This reflects in an upgrade notice from 7.0.4 and all newer images, that from now on all the older V.34 boards will be no more supported but the newer S56 ones all. Much later in 2000, there have been developed DSP modem boards for the 3000 and 6000 models.

With TAOS 7.0.4 Software support ends for v.34 slot cards.

Software support for V.34 modem slot cards will be phased out of new TAOS code releases beginning with TAOS 7.1. The last TAOS release to contain software support for V.34 slot cards for the MAX family is TAOS 7.0.x . The slot cards affected by this discontinuance are as follows:


  • MX-SL-8MOD-V34
  • MX-SL-8MOD-V34-B
  • MX-SL-8MOD-V34B
  • MX-SL-8MOD–V34R.


  • MX-SL-12MOD
  • MX-SL-12MOD-B.

f you need support for the slot cards listed above then do not download future TAOS code releases numbered 7.1 or later as those releases will not have software support for V.34 slot cards.

That is not totally true. Our experts have a MAX 1800 running with the latest available 7.2.4 version with an old 12 port V.34 modem card. So it works, even if Ascend did say no.

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