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PCMCIA memory cards - support for the MAX TNT

The MAX TNT has 2MB internal flash and 8MB internal DRAM and two extra PCMCIA slots for extra memory cards in every shelf controller. All known units initially have one extra 8 MB Flash card and one extra 32 MB DRAM card.


At least from TAOS 8.0 on, you need the 32 MB JEDEC DRAM.


The "Flash Card" is not an ATA formatted design (well known and used for notebooks), no, it is a "linear flash" card with a strange interface. Its from 1994 and earlier. At these times it was brand new and very helpful.


Here are pictures from the labels of the well known memory cards with the product numbers on it.

Where to get these cards from ?

You will get them may be from KINGSTON or other vendors, we dont know all names. In the old Lucent price List, the prices are exorbitantly high.


Well known manufaturers taken from our own used Ascend equipment are "Silicon Tech" and "Modular Technologies". Than there are "Viking Components" and a strange Japan company with no label but "PC card" onit. For European use, we have a small number of these cards in stock.

Be aware about the format.

In many Cisco routers, there are Linear Flash cards too. But these have a different formatting on it. So you cannot interchange Ascend and Cisco cards. We did not get informations about the different content formats inside the card.


What we found out is, that these cards are driven from a generic PCMCIA slot controller chip.


On the right, there is a picture from a MAX 6000, which has the same card types, but another kind of formatting.


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