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Preliminary of the Ascend TNT shelf page

The shelf controller ist the hart of the multiprocessor architecture of the MAX TNT.

We will add the internals of the TNT shortly.


There some more types of shelf controllers during the lifetime of the TNT. We are collecting the informations.

As you can see, this is the shelf of an older TNT. It is made in 1998 week 48. And it is one of the first revisions.  Remember, the first digit of the serial number is the year of production, the next two digits are the week.


However, even this early TNT was a huge router for very large ISP services. And you could connect three together as an again much larger router.

The CPU is an Intel I 960 like all older MAXen

This is a view onto the shelfs mainbaord. As you see, it must have been a hardly designed board with a lot of fixes.

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