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The TNT-SL-48 MOD V3-S-C modem board

Beginning with the MAX 6000 and MAX 3000 a new series of modem boards was designed. It was no more housed in a closed metal case, not alumnium, not steel, simply nothing. The later TNT cards are from that design too. Here are some pictures and the labels to compare with.

New DSP chips for modems too, no more Rockwell.

These new chips are DSP based universal processors like CPU´s in your PC. The older Rockwell chips had all dedicated modem intelligence inside the chip and inside the ROM, later inside the eprom.


But what is not on the chip, the software could not use. The DSP technology is completely different. For example, it could be possible to drive your car or your vaccum cleaner with this chipset, not only a modem.


And the DSP chipset would be able to handle VOIP funtionality, but is isnt. You need the APX8-SL-96DSP card.

Here is the label from one of our lab samples. Its built in week 38 in 1999.


We call it the modem technology Type III.

The boards are open on all sides, the chassis is the only protection against physical power and against radio transmission.


This is a very serious problem in Germany and the EU.


Inside the EU we have the new CE rules. All units must perform these rules now. So we will see.

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