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What Ascend / Lucent courses do we offer ?

We are professional and certified Ascend specialists and we will offer courses for professional admins only. We do not offer basic courses for beginners. Therefore you will find other resources.

  • RADIUS (Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting)
  • Max 2000/4000/6000 Hardware (Router)
  • Max TNT Hardware (Router)
  • Sahara (ATM access server, edge device)
  • Stinger (DSLAM - DSL multiplexer)
  • PSAX (ATM - edge device)
  • Navis Suite (Network Management Software)
  • Access Point (AP Router)
  • LSMS (Lucent Secure Management Server)
  • Lucent Brick (Layer 2 Hardware Firewall)
  • CBX (ATM Core Switch)
  • GX (ATM Core Switch)
  • BSTDX (ATM Core Switch)

Here is a list of topics, which must be known by the trainee as a minimum :

  • network layer 1-4
  • ethernet
  • tcp/ip, ipx
  • ppp, mpp, frame relay
  • rip, ospf
  • pap, chap
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