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Training and Consulting

Sorry, currently no courses available.


Training and Consulting


Hallo Ascend Equipment owners, this site is growing a lot.

I have met a lot of people all over the world, being very happy, that there are new activities and support and help from engineers for Ascend products.


Talking and mailing to all these people, the RDE Team with all their partners decided, to offer professional German and English trainings for internet admins using Ascend, Lucent and Cisco products.


Generally : the trainings may be at your location in your site (internal trainings) or at our locations (external trainings).


The courses cannot and will not be free, we have to charge a fee for that service, but we will supply professional knowhow as needed. Please send a Feedback

If you need support, dont hesitate to e-mail your requirements and your needs. We will respond as soon as possible.

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