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What DSP card for what use ??

This is the main question, because the older DSP modem cards do not run VOIP sessions. The DSP chips must handle the VOIP session and the compression codecs.

There is a suggestion for TAOS Version 11.0


What cards are available :


this is a preliminary listing !

Ascend / Lucend type Comment original Ascend/Lucent text old retail
MXV-SL-DSP16 for small MAXen, no SIP, no TNT, no APX MultiVoice DSP Modul supports up to 16 channels for VoIP Euro 13.242.00
TNT-SL-48MOD-S-C V.90 modems, Data only = no VOIP Enabled for V.90 modem support 48-Port single-slot card. Data Only. $24,000.00
TNT-SL-48MODV3-S-C V.90 modems, Data only = no VOIP Enabled for V.90 modem support 48-Port single-slot card. Data Only. $27,600.00
TNTP-SL-ADI-C point to the P ! VOIP = ????? Single-slot, 48-Port Data/Mobile DSP Slot Card. $27,600.00
TNTV-SL-ADI-C point to the V ! VOIP = yes, - notice the codecs : G.711 G.729a G.723.1 G.728 and RT-24 MultiDSP Slot Card for support of MultiVoice on the MAX TNT - provides support for up to (48) channels of VoIP communications. $27,600.00
TNT-SL-ADI-C 96 card VOIP = yes, - codecs unknown it seems to be a 48 channel card but software enabled to 96 channels ??
APX8-SL-96DSP VOIP = yes, but VoIP with G.711 and G.729(A) codecs only 96 Port Multi-Service DSP Card. For use in the MAX TNT or APX 8000 $55,200.00
APX-SL-DSP-3L VoIP = yes, - codecs unknown 244 port card for APX, some restrictions ??
APX-SL-DSP-3 VoIP SIP V.92 G.729 288 port card for APX, some restrictions ??

Some of these informations are confusing a lot, many offers (ebay) in the internet offer older DSP cards, not pointing to the missed VOIP functionality.



You can mix the 48- and 96-port MultiDSP cards in a single TNT chassis prior to version 9.1.0 for data applications only (v.90, ISDN, VPN, etc.), but not when running VoIP.


Someone has told that the 48MOD V3-S-C uses the Conexant csmv/3 chipset with the intention that these cards would be further developed to do Voice, that didn't eventuate.




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