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No risc, no fun like ebay ?? Better no !!!

At the end, you want (you need) to make money with all your investment, no social responsibility and no gambling or fun, but pure profit.


If you miss this goal, you are totally wrong in this high competition market and all your activities are designated to fail and your investment is lost.


Remember :

In Oct. 2001 many German startups have failed and went bankrupt. At the end seven huge Nortel voice switches (we know about seven units) have been auctioned after the end. The new price of one of these 33 racks wide systems was round about 600.000 dollars (sixhundredthousand).


Some were sold for below 20.000 Deutsch Marks (10.00 Euro) and some others have not been sold up to 2005. All that money is lost.


We belive, this was not the intention of the investors. So check your goals and make a list of what you want to do and what you need to do and who your partners are.



If you are located in the US, you should select US firms as partners. If you are in Europe, you should select EU firms as your partners. The new European Law has better restrictions for non serious sales and actions. If you are in Africa , India or Far East, make your own decision and watch carefully your future partners.


Against all promises, you are dependent from the knowledge and motivation of the people there. Specially if you run a proprietary software, you are extreemly dependent.


Even in big software houses, this kind of special software is programmed from a small little team. If the members or the leaders leave the company, you earn nice good words like "very very sorry, but....we can no more service you".


Read our pamphlet about the Lucent - Ascend deal in 1998/99, when Ascend as a name and as a product line was wiped out by decision of the management. And Lucent paid (wasted?) 19 billon (nineteen thousand millions!!!) dollars. So you get no more updates for the MAX 4000, even if this router is not at all worth to be thrown away.


So you need to start big or leave it.

The basic calculation is done in Million of Minutes per month. If you cannot think about a prospect of some 10 millions of sold minutes, stop it or dont even start this business.

The profit is too little, to cover your investment.

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